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5 Reasons Why CFTA Software projects Can Cost 80% Less Than SAP ERP for Government in Africa

Governments of Western countries have long depended on technology to make themselves more efficient, and to give themselves a competitive advantage over less technically developed countries.

By Del Harvey
Posted on 24 August 2020 at 10:45am

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Governmeent Software for Africa

Africa is now beginning to see the benefits of how technology can assist government in Managing Processes, Financial Reporting, Online Citizen Services, Fraud Prevention and Staff Remote Working.

CFTA Software is the first specialist Africa Diaspora Company to make the very latest Western Digital Government Technology available to countries in the AfCFTA region.

Here are 5 reasons why CFTA Software will always beat our ERP competitors on price.

1. CFTA Software does not need to be Tailored

ERP software is made up of Pre-produced business modules, which need to be Tailored before it can be used within your government department.

The unpredictability associated with ERP Tailoring as part of the implementation process, can escalate the cost of your ERP software project to many times the original quoted project price.

Some ERP software projects have been known to fail at the implementation stage due to excessive costs, with clients losing all their money.

CFTA Software do not use Pre-produced modules. We design each new software system from the ground up, taking the time to first fully understand your departments specific operational and strategic objectives.

This process eliminates the need for expensive software Tailoring, and gives CFTA Software the advantage of being able to predict the software cost at the start of each new project.

2. Your staff require less training, at less cost

One of the complaints sometimes aired by ERP software users, is that ERP software can be very difficult to understand.

With ERP having numerous configuration settings, and a complex array of Pre-produced features that your government may probably never use, these issues can contribute to confusing your staff, resulting in an increased training budget.

CFTA Software systems are designed around the way your staff already work, which can make our systems far more intuitive for the user.

This can make CFTA Software much easier for your staff to understand and use, which leads to a reduced number of required training hours. Fewer training hours contributes to a reduction in the overall project cost.

3. We do not charge Software Licence Fees

After you have paid for your ERP software at the end of the project, you may then be required to pay an additional annual licence fees.

ERP Licence fees must be paid to the ERP company FOREVER, or you may lose the right to continue using your ERP software.

Over a period of about 10 years, these ERP licence fees can exceed the original cost of the entire ERP project.

CFTA Software DO NOT charge licensing fees of any kind to our clients.

Governments are free to use their CFTA Software at as many locations as they wish, and create as many staff logins as they need, at no extra charge.

4. We dont have thousands of shareholders waiting for profits

International ERP software companies need to generate revenue for their thousands of shareholders.

ERP shareholders need to see a healthy returns on their investment each year, and those profits come from you the customer.

CFTA Software however, is a privately owned entity with no external investors, or thousand of shareholders to satisfy.

By working with our small highly skilled teams, we are able to produce Integrated Management Systems for government to European standards, at about 80% less than the major international ERP Software providers.

5. Knowledge transfer to reduce long term software maintenance costs

Maintaining any government software system can be expensive if poorly managed, so its up to your software provider to put a strategy in place to reduce this cost.

CFTA Software is an Africa Diaspora company, so we care more about the development of the continent, and make every effort to reduce software maintenance costs for African governments wherever possible.

Our Knowledge Transfer programme incorporates training your own staff to do many of the daily software maintenance tasks, which in turn reduces your long term maintenance commitment.

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