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Department of Interior
E-Government Software Systems for Africa

Management Software for Emergency Services, Immigration and Customs

e-government software africa

CFTA Software will work with you to create a software system in support of your Home Security objectives.

Using the latest technology we can work with you to produce the following software.

  • Immigration and Online e-Visa Issue
  • Customs Operation Management
  • Emergency Services Deployment Management
  • Coastguard Operations Management
  • Birth, Death and Marriage Registration

  • All our Cloud Based Government Software Projects include:

  • Software Requirements and Specification
  • Software and Data Structure Design
  • Development and Operational Testing
  • Software Implementation
  • Data Migration
  • User Technical Support
  • All Computer Servers and Networks
  • Power Outage Server Recovery
  • Data Security and Network Monitoring

  • CFTA Software is an Africa Diaspora EGov software company made up of European based Engineers of African descent.

    We specialise in the design and development of Integrated E-Government and E-Governance software systems to Western standards, for governments in the AfCFTA region.

    Our pricing is in line with African Digital Infrastructure budgets, and we accept full or partial payments in your Local currency for software development projects.

    Contact us to find out how to get started.

    Digital Government in the Cloud.
    Thats what we do.

    Digital Government in the Cloud Africa

    At CFTA Software, we Design and Develop Cloud based Integrated Management Software Systems with E-Government Services specifically for Africa.

    We work closely with Government Ministers and Department Directors across all government sectors, as we learn and Process Map the detailed workings of your department. Together we can solve the most pressing Operational, Financial Management and Reporting issues using the latest Management Software Technology.

    FREE CFTA Software Presentation.

    Digital Transformation for your department within 6 months.

    We Design and Build E-Government Software for Africa

    Providing Citizens with Online E-Government Services

    Online E-Government Services Africa

    Your citizens will save time and money when you move your government services online

    It can be difficult for citizens to travel to Government offices to access essential services, especially if they live far away from the city, have work obligations, or have difficulty with mobility or arranging childcare.

    CFTA Software will work with your government to get the most used services online. This will not only save time and money for your citizens, but enable your department to operate more effciently.

    Here are just a few E-Government Services that CFTA Software can put online immediately

    The African Diaspora Software Company

    African Diaspora Software Company Africa

    Experts in technology, from the diaspora, for Africa

    A dedicated team of European qualified and experienced Software Engineers of African descent, who care about the technical and economic development of Africa. We make Digital Transformation accessible and affordable to the governments of Africa who do not have enormous western style IT infrastructure budgets.

    Guaranteed Fixed Price Promise

    Fixed Price software Africa

    CFTA Software ensures that your E-Government project will never go over budget

    Many software companies will provide you with an estimated project cost, which will usually increase as the project progresses. CFTA Software promises to implement a software system which meets your E-Government specification, at a guaranteed fixed price.

    Use your E-Government Software with no Annual License Fees, forever.

    E-Government Software no Annual License Fees africa

    Why should you pay to purchase your E-Government Software, then pay again to use it? We dont think thats fair.

    When you develop your E-Government Technology with CFTA Software, the software is really yours to use. We do not charge an Annual Software License Fee or User Licence Fee. So you can use your software for as many years as you want, with no limits on the number of office locations and staff users.

    Benefits of CFTA Software over alternative providers

  • No Annual Software License Fees for using your E-Government Software
  • No Annual User Licence Fees or user restrictions on staff numbers using the software
  • Use your Software at as many locations as you need, at no extra cost
  • Allows as many staff as you need to register on your software at no extra cost

  • FREE CFTA Software Presentation.

    Digital Transformation for your department within 6 months.

    We Design and Build E-Government Software for Africa

    Knowledge Transfer

    Knowledge Transfer Africa

    Developing local technical skills to give your country a brighter future

    Maintaining your new E-Government Software System is a full-time job, which requires special technical skills.

    CFTA Software will work with you to select citizens from within your communities, and give them the skills required to support your E-Government system. This will reduce your long term Software maintenance costs, and introduce new technical skills into those communities to promote future home grown software projects.

    Data Security for E-Government

    Data Security for E-Government Africa

    Implementing Policy, Laws and Technology Enhancements to keep your data safe

    In addition to the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPN), 2 Step Login Verification, and other security technologies, CFTA Software will work with your govenment to develop and enhance Data Protection Laws to ensure your data is protected in all eventualities.

    Multi-Language Software Systems for Multilingual Governments

    Multi-Language Software e-government africa

    E-Government is not just about operational efficiency, its also about citizen inclusion

    CFTA Software will design your Online E-Government System to support multiple languages, therefore ensuring citizen engagement for all your country's ethnic groups.

    Supported languages include

  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • Swahili
  • Amharic
  • Zulu
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
    and many more.

  • Operational efficiency through automation.

    africa government automation
    Accurate Data supported by Technology

    Identify the key functions within your department where human error often occurs, and automate these tasks to improve data speed and accuracy.

    digital government africa
    Information Sharing for Government Integration

    All CFTA Software systems are compatible with each other. So as you design your software for each government department, the systems will allow departments to communicate with each other, sharing information to better integrate your government.

    Reporting KPI Dashboard government africa
    Financial Reporting and KPI Dashboards.

    Produce instant automated Financial Reports which shows the current status of your department.

    Provide you with Real-time Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Graphs and Charts in a single Dashboard, for clear and accurate data presentation and intelligence driven decision making.

    cloud remote working africa
    Remote working with Cloud Technology.

    All CFTA Software systems are developed to enable your team to work remotely using Cloud Technology. As a Minister or Department Director, you will also be able to access your Departments up-to-date Performance and Financial Reports from your Mobile Device.

    Technology Knowledge Transfer africa
    Developing local skills through Knowledge Transfer.

    CFTA Software work to identify locally skilled youth, and train them in the use of technology. This increases your local IT skills base, and allows you to reduce your long term software maintenance costs by using local staff.

    software upgrade africa
    Easy future software upgrade.

    Provide a Software Solution which can be easily upgraded as your department situation changes, or as new technologies becomes available.

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